An Indonesian Kid Had Been Smoking 40 Cigarettes A Day And This Is How Looks 8 Years Later

Addictions like smoking can indeed be harmful and in worst cases can cause death. One’s addictions can have a very adverse negative impact on his life. Not only his but also the life of people around him gets disrupted.

Here is the story of Ardi Razi, a kid who had been smoking as much as 40 cigarettes at the age of just 2.

Ardi Razi, an Indonesian kid made his way up through the headlines seven years ago and videos of him emerged puffing cigarettes. He smoked around 40 cigarettes a day.
This pictures of him got so viral that Indonesian government was forced to take a stringent action against childhood smoking.
Kid smoking cigarettes

Soon after that, he was sent to a rehab to in order to overcome his addiction. He was sent for therapy sessions in Jakarta for two weeks.

Kid smoking cigarettes
 During his rehabilitation treatment, Aldi saw psychiatrists who encouraged his mother to keep him busy with playing and taught her about the dangers of smoking.
Kid smoking cigarettes 
His addiction to smoking was replaced with another addiction. That addiction was food.

Kid smoking cigarettes